Pipeline Innovation

From pipeline through product launch and beyond, we bring the insight, rigor, and expertise needed to both uncover and realize opportunities. Our concept and line optimization testing abilities span globally in more than 40 languages. Through a vast network of facilities, our sensory research has helped improve thousands of products before hitting menus, shelves, or breaking ground.

Concept Testing

We test specific concepts among your target audience to capture comparative ratings, using industry-standard metrics plus any that may be custom to your organization.

Sensory Testing

Nothing proves a food concept better than having your customers see, smell, and taste it. Whether by central location, curbside, contactless-in-car or IHUT testing, taste tests reveal how your product performs after going from ideation to creation.

Line Optimization

Which products are going to work best for you when added to your current menu or category lineup? TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach Frequency) testing reveals how many and which SKUs will optimize your portfolio.

Helping you drive consumer insights.